At Arden House we have embraced modern dental technology. We invest in training and in new equipment and facilities, meaning that we are at the forefront of dental and cosmetic care.

Using the latest in dental technology, we can offer you a more efficient, streamlined and faster service, culminating in happier patients and great results. We can provide:

CEREC (Single Visit Crowns)

CEREC is transforming cosmetic dentistry. This sophisticated dental imaging system allows us to make and fit veneers, crowns, bridges and inlays whilst you wait, in one visit – procedures which traditionally took weeks and multiple trips to the dentist.

The Florida Probe

This computerised probe precisely measures key aspects of periodontal health, (gum disease). It digitally maps the pathology and condition of your mouth.

This allows us to generate reports and clearly show you pocket depths, gum recession and plaque build up, as well as monitoring health and lifestyle information. Using this information your hygienist can prescribe a personalised treatment plan to help treat and stabilise any areas of disease and of course accurately monitor your ongoing health.

Velscope – Mouth Cancer Detection

We always screen for the early signs of mouth cancers as part of each consultation or visit, but abnormal tissues including cancerous and precancerous tissues can be difficult to diagnose and may not always be obvious. Early detection and diagnosis is key to successful treatment which is why we have invested in the Velscope. It uses a harmless fluorescent light to detect early tissue changes that may not be visible to the naked eye. Reassurance and or an appropriate referral can then be made in a timely manner to ensure you receive the best possible care and advice.

Vibraject – Pain Free Dental Injections

Vibraject is a vibrating device that helps to make dental treatment even more comfortable by distracting the brain from the sensation of having a dental injection. When the Vibraject is used to give a local anaesthetic many people aren’t even aware that they have had the injection.


The Isolite system combines hands free suction with a bright illuminating light and a mouth rest. This gives us a clearer view into your mouth and helps to direct the suction where it is needed; it also provides a way to rest your jaw when it needs to be open for longer procedures. For you, Isolite provides a much more comfortable and expedient dental experience.

Operating Microscope – Precision Ensures Success

Our operating microscope gives superb magnification – perfect for intricate work such as complex root canal treatment,; we can look right inside your tooth, ensuring the treatment has the best chance of success .

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