We understand the importance of first impressions, and nothing gives a more positive first impression than a beautiful confident smile. To help you achieve this we have a number of ways to successfully straighten crowded, crooked or tilted teeth, whether this is the first time you’ve considered treatment or if a previous attempt wasn’t as successful as you’d hoped or has just lapsed over the years.

Until recently, to straighten adult teeth the orthodontist would fit a visible fixed wire brace over the front teeth and gradually adjust the position over a period of months. Alternatively, some people chose a faster – but more intrusive and destructive – route to straight teeth such as veneers or crowns. But advances in dental treatment have opened up a wider range of options that offers more discreet treatment whilst achieving equally effective results. At Arden House Dental you can choose from the new style Inman Aligner, IA, and ClearSmile Aligners, CSAs, to straighten teeth more discreetly and quickly to give you a fabulous new smile. Sarah is a certified provider of both systems and we are delightedto beable to offer this service to Arden House Dental patients.

At an initial consultation we will take photographs and sometimes impressions of your teeth. From these, digital calculations are made to assess your suitability for treatment and estimate the approximate length of treatment time. All the options and associated costs will be explained and you will have a chance to look at computer generated visuals which will show you how we plan your finished smile to look before you even begin or even agree to treatment.

If you are also considering whitening your teeth, we can carry out both processes seamlessly to keep treatment time to a minimum. With some of our team members having had first hand experience of the IA and CSAs we are able to fully understand and support you every step of the way along your journey to a winning smile, providing full guidance on treatment and aftercare to enable you to keep your smile looking good for years to come.

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