At Arden House Dental we know that no one wants to lose teeth. Dentures and bridges can provide excellent replacements on an aesthetic level but they don’t offer the stability of natural teeth – this is where implants make a real difference. With dental implants you can smile, laugh and eat with confidence. Even biting into an apple will not cause discomfort or give you cause for concern. Whether you are looking to replace a single tooth, multiple teeth or stabilise full dentures, dental implants are the next best solution to the real thing.

Sarah and Ian have placed hundreds of implants over the years. Their knowledge, experience and qualifications mean that when you choose Arden House you will be in expert hands. Sarah qualified at the world renowned Eastman Dental Institute in London and Ian trained at the prestigious Straumann Institute in Switzerland.

Mr Jerry Farrier makes up our expert implant team. A local Oral and Maxillofacial Consultant, his specialist knowledge enables us to treat and advise on even the most complex of cases.

In our hands implantology is a gentle technique and the success rate speaks for itself. As well as looking after our own patients, dental practices from across Gloucestershire and the South West refer their patients to us for implant treatment.

Our combined training and experience mean that we can offer a number of implant systems. Straumann and Astra Tech EV are world leaders in implant and restorative dentistry. Renowned for exceptional quality and reliability they offer a variety of features providing predictable and aesthetic results both in the short and long term. Many years of research, science and documentation have gone into our preferred systems, and this gives us the peace of mind that we can deliver the best possible outcome for each patient.




Whether simple or complicated, between us we have probably seen it before so you can be assured of an honest, realistic opinion, explained in a straightforward way you’ll understand. If you’re thinking about implants much of your initial consultation will be spent talking to your dental clinician about your individual requirements. Your biology, the length of time that has passed since losing the tooth, even your job is factored in when we are considering the best treatment plan to meet your needs. We will always clearly set out all your options, the fees and timescales involved.

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